VRV3 Studios



Space Rental

Our beautiful studio spaces are also available to rent for rehearsals, photo shoots, video shoots and events. Check out the spaces below and see which one is the perfect fit for your needs!


Haight (520 Haight St)

VRV3-Haight Studio 1.jpg

Main Floor


Includes the use of our 14'-foot stainless steel poles with gorgeous dark hardwood floors. Your choice of 5 to 8 poles. Includes use of our Aerial Space.

  • Dimensions: 17’ x 35’

  • Ceiling height: 14’

  • Optional installs: 8 - 14’ poles, 2 pulley aerial points, 2 dead hang aerial points

  • Mirrors

VRV3-Haight Studio 4.jpg



Our intimate Downstairs studio has stage marley floors over rubber and color-changing LED lighting along the back wall. This space houses our FX LED pole (additional $25/hour charge for use).

  • Dimensions: 25.5’ x 43’

  • Useable dance space: ~580 sq. ft.

  • Ceiling height: 7’ 3’’

  • Permanent fixtures: 1 LED pole

  • Optional installs: 10 - 7’ poles

  • Mirrors, LED colored lights

VRV3-Haight Studio 9.jpg

Competition Space

$50/hour ($35/hour daytime)

Just off of our Main Floor pole area, the competition space is a flex space with a marley stage floor. It is ideal for small dance rehearsals and acro privates. Two competition-grade poles can be installed 8 feet apart for pole competition training. This space is also ideal for photo and video shoots. The mirrors can be covered with a backdrop.

  • Dimensions: 17’ x 20’

  • Ceiling height: 14’

  • Permanent fixtures: Aerial truss rigging at 12’ high

  • Optional installs: 2 - 12’ poles

  • 10’ mirrors


$50/hour ($35/hour daytime)

Tucked away Downstairs, the Low Flow Space has marley stage flooring over rubber. Curtains separate the space from the main Downstairs area.

  • Dimensions: 12’ x 16’

  • Ceiling height: 7’ 3’’

  • Optional installs: 2 - 7’ pole

  • Mirrors

North Beach (1419 stockton st)

2016-04-17 - Vertical Barre - 02.jpg

Full Studio


Our original North Beach studio is available for full rentals. With beautiful 13-foot ceilings and a clean look, the space is perfect for competition training, photo and video shoots. The rental rate includes use for up to 2 people. Additional people up to a total of 8 will be $20/person per hour.

  • Dimensions: 18’ x 35’

  • Ceiling height: 13’

  • Permanent fixtures: 8 - 13’ poles

  • 8’ Mirrors