VRV3 Studios



I’ve never tried pole dancing, is it right for me?

Come try it and find out! We love welcoming newcomers to our studio and sharing our love of pole dance with them. Hopefully you’ll find that you love it too! Building community is an integral part of this sport, so whether you become a frequent attendee or just had fun trying it once, we want you to feel like you have the space to come find our for yourself.


Do I get my own pole?

Only if you buy it. Just kidding! We cap our classes at 2 people per class TOPS, so while it is likely that you may have a pole all to yourself, for some classes you may have to take turns practicing with another student. Sharing is caring, and making pole friends is one of the great benefits to taking class! Plus you might actually enjoy a little break to breath.


When should I sign up?

There is limited capacity in each class, so sign up as early as possible! Online sign ups are available until class starts. Classes with no sign ups will be cancelled, so check the schedule and sign up early!


Ahhh, I’m running late, but I swear I’m on my way! Can I still come to class?

It’s ok! We understand that timing is sometimes out of our control. If you can make it to your class within 15 minutes of its start time, you’re welcome to still join class. However, if you’re going to be later than that, then we ask that for your safety, you sit this one out (it will be marked as a late cancel). Sorry, but the warm up is a crucial part of pole class and missing it could lead to injury. We’re not about that.


Do you have lockers?

We don’t have lockers, but we have a space up front for shoes and cubbies in the back for your belongings. There is an ADA bathroom as well as changing rooms for your use. Take off your shoes, change into your pole clothes, and come get ready for class!


Speaking of which, what do I wear?

We recommend wearing clothes that doesn’t cover your arms and legs. Using our skin is what allows us to grip the pole and not fall off! Clothing such as shorts, sports bras, tank tops or t-shirts are all items that will make climbing and gripping easy. Additionally, most classes are taught bare foot. All that being said…please wear what’s comfortable. If there’s something that is harder to do given your outfit choices we’ll try to modify or give you another option.

Some classes will have additional requirements, such as knee pads or pole heels. Make sure you check the class description before arriving so that you can be fully prepared to make it fashion (and function)!


Pole seems really hard. What kinds of work outs should I do to be strong enough to take class?

GETTING STRONG IS WHY YOU COME TO CLASS! Among other benefits, showing up to class will put you on the path to getting those gainZ you want! We cater classes to all levels, from first timer to advanced, so no matter what fitness experience you have, you’ll find moves you can execute in class.


Private Parties

Yaaassss, come celebrate with us! We love helping make your day extra special with a class just for you and your friends. Please check our parties tab for more information, but please make sure you bring your appropriate pole clothes (see above). Note that there is no alcohol to be consumed on the premises! Save the boozin’ for after your work out. ;)


Are classes only for women?

No, we pride ourselves on trying to make an inclusive learning environment for everyone, regardless of gender identity. If you’re willing to come learn, we want to teach you!


Is there parking?

Street parking is metered and limited. If you’re driving, allow yourself some extra time for The Parking Search, and it can’t hurt to make a sacrifice to the parking gods as well. There is also a lot nearby on Vallejo if you’d rather not stress.


Alternatively, we are within a block from the 8, 12, 30, 45 bus lines and a 20 minute walk from the Montgomery BART station.


Is it a sexy thing?

Only if you want! Our studio offers both sport and fitness based classes as well as exotic choreo, various dance techniques, gymnastics styled classes, and more! Read our class descriptions to find the exact fits for you!


Cancellation  Policies

You can cancel a reserved class up to 12 hours before class start time with no penalty. Any class cancelled less than 12 hours before class will be considered a late cancel and will lose the class credit. Private parties must be cancelled 48 hours in advance. Special workshops must be cancelled 1 week in advance.

A no show is when you sign up and don't show up. No shows will be charged an additional no show fee, as well as losing their class credit.