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Pole Technique


Pre Reqs: Nada…. come to have fun as see what’s possible. Shorts highly recommended ( we need that skin to we can stick to the pole!)

What is this pole thing? How does it work? This is where to start your pole journey. We’ll go over the basic techniques that are used at all levels and well as teach some basic spins and tricks. If you’ve never done pole this is where we advise you start so you can have a good understanding of the terminology that we’ll use around the studio. You can stay at this level for as long as you feel it’s helpful, and when you’re ready to take those tricks to the next level…move on up!


Pre Reqs:

  1. Knowledge of inside/ outside

  2. Climb position

  3. Jasmine

  4. Basic twirls ( dip, back hook, fireman)

  5. Some spin experience

In this level we’ll start to learn some more complicated tricks, spins, and climbs as well as connect them into some combos. Things are getting harder yes, but that just means you’re getting stronger! Trust up nothing is out of reach, it all just takes time. This is also the first time we’ll work on those dreaded inverts and leg hangs (yep were going upside down). Feeling like that’s impossible? Don’t worry we all did at first and you won’t be alone.


  Pre. Reqs.

  1. Invert held for 3 seconds

  2. Leg hangs (inside and outside)

  3. Climb to top of spin and static

  4. Invert on spin (forwards and backwards)

  5. One of the following:




Oh oh…..I feel like your pole addiction is getting really real now. You know all about pole kisses and maybe even have started to relish that feeling of your skin on the pole (maybe….) More importantly you made it over that first invert hurdle! Now it’s time to see what crazy shapes you can do upside down and build even more strength and flexibility with all the grace and pointed toes in the world I’m sure. Other than building on all the spins and tricks you learned in Beginning, we’ll get you shoulder mounting, and moving in and out of brass with ease and start the journey towards handsprings and ayeshas ( we also have a class just for that).


   Pre Reqs.

  1. Clean circus climb on spin

  2. Extended butterfly/ Ayesha

  3. Pole handstands

  4. Shoulder mount to brass

  5. Jade /hip hold

TIME TO PLAY and FLY….and maybe struggle bus with the best of them.

Mixed Level Pole (Not for first timers)

Sometimes it’s nice to see how tricks and techniques can progress.  Everyone will get to work on their own level from beginners to advanced polers. Don’t get intimidated by some of the crazy though, trust us you can get there!


AHHHHH…..those dreaded inverts! We get it ….. they’re hard to say the least. This class will be focused on building the strength, flexibility and technique needed to get you upside down and confident in leg hangs and crucifix. There will be lots of conditioning, but we love that.

Handsprings and Ayeshea (I & II)

BEAST MODE! It’s time to work on handsprings and ayeshas:

Ayesha I is where you’ll learn exactly how the technique works and do all the conditioning needed to float up there like it’s nothing.  Ayesha II is where we get to go a little crazy and do everything ayesha or handspring related with crazy transitions and fun shapes.Not sure which level is right for you? We’ll split you up after the shared warm up. There are two instructors for this class (which is why it’s an extra credit).

Beg. Spin Pole

Some students find spin pole easier (I mean the pole is doing the spinning for you which is nice) and some find it harder (DIZZY).  Either way this class will focus on the basic techniques on spin pole and help teach you how to control the spin instead of just holding on for dear life. 

Int. Spin Pole

Static is great, but sometimes we just wanna spin and make pretty shapes. Yeah lets do that! Don’t worry though there will still be conditioning galore and wooo inverts while spinning fast…..MY ABS!

Flexy tricks

Pre Reqs: At least one split (right, left, middle) within two inches of the floor when square, bridge, ballerina, pancake with elbows to ground and flat back

We’ll start with a flexibility based warm up to get your body ready to wrap around the pole. Then move on to using all that active flexibility to work on achieving those amazing insta-worthy shapes!

BABy & me


Beginning Lyra

This class will focus on getting comfortable with the hoop, including strength training and basic tricks. No previous Lyra experience is required

Attire: leggings, fitted top

Intermediate Lyra

Pre Reqs: Straddle back with no spot

This class will focus on tricks and transitions within the hoop, as well as spinning, strength, and flexibility poses.


Fundemental Flow

Spiritual Flow


Flexibility and Floorwork

Floorwork and Handstands

Yep it’s what it sounds like.  No need for any handstand experience. We’ll walk though lots of exercises to build the strength and technique needed hold those handstands both on and off the pole.  We’ll also work on basic floorwork techniques to help you with any style of dance.  Think shoulder rolls, slides and turns.

Attire: Leggings, socks

Flexibility (flexy)

Flexibility is such an integral part of dance (of all types).  Whether you’ve been trying to get those splits or want to be able to back bend with ease or even just want to not feel like you’ve been sitting at a desk all day come stretch it out.

Dance (Pole and Non-pole)

BollyFusion Choreo (NOT a Pole Class)

Class begins with stretches and a warm up to get us ready for an hour of dance! A bulk of class is focused on learning original choreography to popular Indian music from all different regions of India (some routines feature mashups with Top 40 songs to add to the fun)! In order to build confidence, retention, and muscle memory - two consecutive weeks are dedicated to each routine. Students are not required to attend both classes, but are encouraged to get the most out of the choreography. Every class ends with performing the routine for each other in a fun, judgement-free environment! No prior dance experience needed - class is open to everyone! Recommended attire: anything that you can move in and makes you feel confident, knee pads (optional, as some classes will contain floor routines). Please email nehagiridharan@gmail.com if you have any questions!

Ballet Fundamentals (Not a Pole Class)

A back to basics approach to ballet technique to help you attain better placement, posture, strength, stability, flexibility, and quality of movement. We'll breeze through the fundamentals of ballet technique, starting with a solid floor warm up and stationary barre exercises, working up to across the floor combinations with jumps and turns.

 Attire: Form fitting clothing preferred. Ballet slippers, socks, or bare feet are all acceptable. 

Fierce and Fit (Not a Pole Class)

A combination of dance and efficient fitness training. Using latin, jazz and hip hop dance fundamentals, this fun class naturally gets your cardio on all while toning your body thru the art of dance. Keeping the music upbeat and energy non-stop, you'll further strengthen and build those muscles with planks, pushups, ab work and more. Open level and beginner friendly so everyone from the newcomer to advance dancer can benefit — let's get fierce and fit!

Salsa Pole Choreo

Sometimes the best way to improve your freestyle is to incorporate a new style of dance. In this choreography-based class, you'll learn basic steps and moves from latin dances to spice up your floor passes and inject a little flavor into your pole dancing. Leaders and followers welcome, we may work on partnering sometimes.

Attire: Dance shoes and/or dance heels welcome (no Pleasers)!

Urban Pole Choreo (Hip Hop)

Put some swag into it! This choreography-based class will cover foundational hip hop technique such as bounces, steps and body isolations, and incorporate them into movement around the pole. This class is for beginners who are completely new to hip hop or pole.

Attire: Comfy clothes are recommended.

_______________ ALL EXOTIC CLASSES HAVE A 18+ AGE REQUIREMENT (you must input your age into MindBody)____________

beg. Exotic Choreo

Body waves and booty pops! Come and get that sexy sweat going.  You’ll learn the basic techniques of isolations, floorwork, and of course add in that sexy confidence. They’re be a short choreo for you to learn each week.

Int/Adv Exotic Choreo

Pre Req: invert

This is for those of you who are ready to take on full on exotic choreography and are at the intermediate + pole level.  Let’s stylize all those tricks you’ve been perfecting. We’ll walk you through choreo every week so you can unleash your own inner exotic goddess.  Choreography is taught on a 2 week program (not required, but helpful to come to both weeks) first week is learning choreography, second week we work on other elements of the choreography like accents, style, rhythm, and technique

Low Flow Pole

Let’s keep it low and roll around on the floor a little.  We’ll work on some floorwork tricks and transitions on the pole, on the floor, and between the two! You’ll learn how to use those legs to mesmerize and shoulder roll like it’s nothing.

Attire: kneepads, socks, shorts. Heels optional (somedays we’ll do more heel work than others)


This is a non-pole, spicy floorwork class! Join dancer Neon Xebra for a saucy AF choreography-based floorwork class, delving into steamy, invigorating, fierce movement that’ll make your audience (or your partner) sweat! Connect with your body, empower your sensuality, and discover self-love through movement. This is a supportive and inclusive space; all genders & skill levels are welcome. Get ready to slay!

Sass Class

Focusing on freestyle dance, Sass Class incorporates elements of floorwork, booty bounce, pole work, and exotic dance in order to increase understanding of your own dance style and stage confidence!  This is the class to just unwind have fun and let it all out!

Attire: Knee pads and heels are recommended, attitude is a must!