It's My First Time

Yay! We're so excited to have you!  For pole, please bring shorts and a tank top. We also recommend not using any body or hand lotion the day of your class. Hand jewelry is not allowed in our pole classes.

For Flexy and Choreo classes, leggings and knee pads are recommended.


Do I Get My Own Pole?

Probably! Class sizes are capped so that no more than 2 people will share a pole. Sharing fosters community and helps everyone learn from one another as we go on this pole journey together!


What If I'm Running Late?

No worries, you can still take class if you're there within 15 minutes of starting time. Unfortunately, if you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you will not be allowed to take class for your own safety. This will be considered a late cancel. To avoid this, we suggest arriving ~10 minutes before class starts!


Do You Have Lockers?

We do not have a formal locker room or showers, but we do have cubbies and changing areas as well as an ADA bathroom for your use. Our seating area is uber comfortable, so you can relax before your class starts.


Private Parties

Thank you for celebrating with us! Please have everyone bring shorts, if possible. Parties are all about fun, but no consumption of alcohol is allowed and extremely inebriated parties may be cancelled with no refund. Don't worry, we bring the fun with props and music!

Am I Fit Enough For Pole?

Yes! Pole is about building up your strength and our beginner classes are for all fitness levels. We work with your individual level.


Is It Women Only?

Nope! Our goal is to expand the pole community for men and women alike. All of our classes are co-ed.


Is There Parking or Public Transportation?

Street parking is metered and limited. We are within one block of the 8, 12, 30, 45 and a walk from Montgomery BART.


When Should I Sign Up For Classes?

Class space is limited, so we recommend signing up for classes as soon as you can! Online sign ups are open until class starts. Classes with no sign ups will be cancelled two hours beforehand, so sign up early!


Is It A Sexy Thing?

Only if you want!  Our focus is fitness and artistry.  We offer a few classes for those who want to add a little booty to their pole but the bulk of our classes focus on strength, flexibility and grace. 

Cancellation Policies

You can cancel a reserved class up to 12 hours before class start time with no penalty. Any class cancelled less than 12 hours before class will be considered a late cancel and will lose the class credit. Private parties must be cancelled 48 hours in advance. Special workshops must be cancelled 1 week in advance.

A no show is when you sign up and don't show up. No shows will be charged an additional no show fee, as well as losing their class credit.