Deal Options

$20 for your first class - The $20 can be applied to any NON-INTRO OFFER class pack at the end of your first class. Click here for general pricing.


$59 for a 3 class pack - Ready to jump in! Go for 3 classes and let the addiction begin!


$150 for 3 classes + 2 private lessons - This is great if you want to accelerate the beginning of your pole journey. In addition to 3 drop-in classes, you’ll get 2 intro-level privates where you can troubleshoot and perfect one-on-one with someone who can help you figure out what works for you!

**All Intro Deals expire after 1 month (30 days). No extensions/refunds**

Beginner FAQ

Q: “I need to get into shape before I come to pole”


Q: “OK, What do I wear?”

A: Shorts and a tank/sports bra is best. We use our skin to stick to the pole, but feel free to bundle up for warm up. If you’re taking an exotic or choreo class kneepads, leggings and/or socks are usually helpful, but we do not recommend these classes for your very first class

Q: “Do I have to be sexy?”

A: Nope! Pole can be whatever style you want. We do offer exotic classes (not recommended for your very first class) which focuses on the sexy and sensual side of pole, but most classes focus on strength, grace and technique.

Q: “How long does it take to get good at pole"?”

A: It varies SO MUCH. Some people come in as ex-gymnasts/dancers/rock climbers/gym rat etc. and it can definitely make the learning curve a bit easier, but trust us that EVERYONE has their struggles and nothing is out of reach for anyone. Finally, no matter what level you’re at, there’s always going to be something to improve or something new to try. That’s what so great about pole, it’s an ever-evolving sport!

General Tips

Don’t wear lotion the day of you class. As you sweat, the extra oils will make your skin slippery and make pole a bit harder.

Make sure you have somewhere safe to put your jewelry. You will be asked to remove all metal pieces as they could damage the poles and vice-versa.

Bruises are normal….POLE KISSES! Also yes, it can hurt a bit, but it gets better as you train, we promise!