Reservations are recommended for all of our classes! Drop-ins welcome, but space is not guaranteed. All classes are co-ed.


Drop-In Classes

All our pole classes start with a dance technique-based warm up and end with a relaxing cool down. Our leveled classes are geared towards building up your general pole repertoire and our specialty classes are focused on specific skills.

Intro to Pole
Pole 1
Pole 2
Pole 3
Pole 4

Spin Pole
Exotic Choreo
Pole Choreo
Pole Doubles

Open Studio

In between classes, the studio is available for you to come in and practice on your own. One person per pole guaranteed. No instruction is offered during open studio. We offer membership options or an hourly drop-in.

Private Training

These hour-long, one-on-one pole sessions will accelerate your pole skills exponentially. Our instructors assist you with what you want to work on. Up to 3 participants.


Pole 1

Our beginner class.  Great for those who have never done pole or those just starting out.  In this class you'll work on the fundamentals of pole including basic spins and climbing.  No prior fitness or dance experience needed.  Don't worry about having enough strength or coordination.  Shorts are recommended, but if you're more comfortable in leggings that's fine! 

Pole 2

Now that you're a little more comfortable on the pole let's take it to the next level.  Pole 2 focuses on working on and perfecting your inverts (hanging upside down) and leg hangs.  We'll build more strength and work on more advanced spins including one armed spins! Knowledge of basic pole spins (fireman, back hook, chair, etc.) and ability to climb to the top of the pole required. 

Pole 3

You've made it to the inverted world and are ready stay off the ground for as long as possible. You'll begin to master shoulder mounts and work on longer combos and both spin and static pole. Comfortable inverts and leg hang switches required.

Pole 4

Time to fly! You're ready to push your strength past three points of contact on the pole. The pole world is now your oyster and you'll begin to master ayeshas and handsprings. Comfortable aerial inverts and shoulder mounts required.